The Lifestyle Spark

/ (noun): A 4-week custom self-development program structured to set healthy foundational habits. It is designed to increase physical and psychological functioning, increase your mindfulness, and integrate healthy lifestyle changes.

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Step 1:

We don’t customize a Lifestyle Spark until you submit a Self Inventory. Take one to learn about yourself and to see your custom program overview.

Step 2:

Once you’ve completed the inventory and approve your custom program, finalize everything here so we can ship it over.

Custom Lifestyle Spark
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Not that you’d ever need it, but we always offer our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

More detail on the Lifestyle Spark:

At Carefree Livin’ Wellness we believe in implementing foundational healthy habits into your life. No matter your wellness goals, regular exercise and consciously eating are pivotal first steps towards creating a longterm, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our Lifestyle Spark is a unique, simple, and effective, 28 day customized program that will focus on creating this foundation. We will provide a structure, accountability system, and assistance from a Lifestyle Coach to guide you towards your wellness goals and a Carefree Livin’ mentality and lifestyle. Get started today by downloading and completing our self inventory!